Summerfest 2012 - Comment from Bob Boyer

 “My name is Bob Boyer,  and I serve as the Asst Musical Director for PPTOPA (Pembroke Pines Theatre of Performing Arts).  We (as part of the city) are hostting your 7/13 concert at our stage at river of Grass, and I read with great interest and enthusiasm yor comments and article regarding summerfest etc. in the Sun-Sentinel's Community section today.

As a local musical director/private instructor/and keyboard member of several theatrical orchestras,  I welcome this concert.  I make it a tradition to bring my 92 year old dad with me.  Your concert at ROG (river of grass) is absolutely phenomenal; (last eyar's was outstanding) on several levels all at one time:  1.  it is free to the audience;  2.  It is conveniently located for many of us who live west yet (like me) thrive on classical music; and 3.  It is a way of bringing the community together and bringing culture to the western burbs.  Thank you!!!!!! no hyperbole.........this 7/13 concert is an amazing phenomenon. Feel free to use my words and note in any way you see fit.  They are totally true! totally true.”

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