Honor the Past, Prepare in the Present, Embrace the Future

Robert M. Roselli

More than twenty years ago, my father would often mention the enjoyable evenings that he had with a gentleman that loved fine music, fine food, and fine wine. They would listen to opera and classical music and after dinner enjoy the pleasure of a fine Cognac or Aurum, this gentleman’s favorite Italian Liqueur. It was easy for me to imagine the evenings, the music and even the elixir du jour. It was something I had seen, heard and tasted in our Roselli home for as long as I could remember. Music had touched me from a young age and by then, as a young lawyer, I had already gravitated toward our local opera company, became a season subscriber and served as a Board Member. My father’s stories certainly amused me and after hearing them a second and third time, I had two questions in mind: first, “who is this gentleman?” and second, “why is he telling me this?”

The gentleman was Maestro James Brooks-Bruzzese and looking back, the reason why was simple. The Maestro’s love of life and music touched my father and he felt it would be something that would touch me as well. Soon thereafter, I was introduced to the Maestro, began attending the concerts, and was hooked. I was certainly not the only one. In the many years that followed, our supporters also expanded, and The Symphony of the Americas grew to be recognized as a major cultural institution in our community.

For over thirty years the Maestro has enriched our lives and our community with classical music. Thanks to our donors, advertisers, supporters, and the hard work of our musicians and staff, The Symphony of the Americas has continued to keep the music playing. Their contributions cannot be overstated.

This season is perhaps the most important season of this orchestra’s long history. First and foremost, we honor the gentleman who has brought the beauty of classical music into our lives by leading our orchestra, pushing our musicians to the top of their potential and bringing to us prized artists from all corners of the world. We shall be forever thankful to Maestro James Brooks-Bruzzese.

This season also marks the dawn of a new era for our orchestra and our organization. This is a season of rebirth in continuing the legacy inspired by our Maestro.

After tireless efforts and deliberations, we are proud to present to you and our community three world-class conductors to dazzle us with their artistry and leadership. Each of them has the talent to take us into the future, but only one can be selected. This is a daunting task, and our organization encourages your input and inspiration.

At some point in our lives, we have all been touched by the beautiful music of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. Classical music has transcended time and generations and influenced later composers such as Mascagni, Paganini, Tchaikovsky and the music of modern-day musicals and film. “Classical” music is all around us each and every day.  It is so engrained in the fabric of our culture that we often do not recognize it as “classical music.” It inspires us, consoles us and often simply serves what I like to refer to as a “sorbet for the brain,” that cleanses us, at least momentarily, of the mental clutter from everyday life. I believe that we must reach out to all cultures and all ages to touch them with this timeless music, called “classical” that gives so much and asks for nothing back. The future is bright for our Symphony and we are delighted that you are here with us on this journey.

Robert M. Roselli

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